Assisted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide

Jiahao Guo
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3rd September 2014

Introduction 3
Legalised countries 4
Terri’s story 5
Reasons of opposing 6
Supportive organizations 7
Conclusion 8

Assisted suicide, in another word, is ‘medical assistance at the end of life’ (Asch, 1997) which starts on Switzerland. It is said that only the patient who has been diagnosed with an incurable illness can ask for the process. To start with, doctors have to identify if the patient is qualified for assisted suicide and prescribe for the lethal drugs which will be used in the process. However, doctors are not the persons who execute it but a physician.

People often confuse assisted suicide with euthanasia. In fact, they are different. The former is required by patient and the drugs that used in the process are also self-administered by patient themselves while the latter is all doctor instructed. Legalised countries

According to foreign news announce on China Daily ‘Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland provided the helper doesn't personally benefit from a patient's death.’(Helen, 2010) Doctors will provide the patient with advice and lethal drugs. However, it could only be used on patient who has terminally illness.

United State
There are six states currently legitimize assisted suicide which are Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and New Mexico(2014).

Although it is illegal to assisted suicide in Netherland, but it is well accepted among society.

In the places where assisted suicide is legalised, the most people that request for it are women, the poor and the ethnic group, because they regard themselves as ‘on the hip of the society’.(Yanyan, 2006) Terri’s story

Terri Schiavo got her brain injured result from her previous heart disease in 1990 which made her into persistent vegetative state. She had to extend her lifespan via special mechanisms.

Terri’s husband said that once she told him that she would rather just die than lay on the bed do nothing. But her parent insisted that the more time she would be alive the more chance she could recovery. For this case, her husband and her parent argued for years, the court of state support the idea of assisted suicide, yet the Supreme Judicial Court continuously rejected to deal with it.

Finally, Terri’s feeding equipment was removed anyway after approved by one judge. After 13 days without food and drinks supply, Terri was dead. Terri’s death leads a heat of arguments about whether euthanasia is a murder or a mercy behaviour which involves views of ethics and religious

Reasons of opposing
Licensing assisted suicide is too much for terminally ill people to take. It is, on some level, a kind of discrimination. It also can be very unsafe for the patients, due to some people want to inherit or be rid of a care burden by doing this. Religious ethnics

It is said in Gospel of Matthew that life is a gift from god, people cannot just abandon it. People who do so should be punished. Such behaviour violate the regularity of the world, as well as the nature order.(Gospel of Matthew, 2014) Medical ethnics

Assisted suicide against the Hippocratic tradition (a revision of the Hippocratic Oath) which the core prohibits the killing of human being, just as it forbids any aid in suicide: 'To please no one will I prescribe a deadly drug nor give advice which may cause his death.'(The Hippocratic tradition, 1979) According to Josef Kure, “Euthanasia as a direct killing of the patient, regardless if upon his/her request or without any request, is not forbidden by the Hippocratic Oath directly. But such a prohibition can be deduced, a fortiori, from the prohibition of any help in suicide. So euthanasia as the killing of a patient by the physician is not in accordance with either the Hippocratic Oath or the spirit of the Hippocratic tradition.”(Kure, 2011) Supportive organizations

Church of...

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