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Topics: Marketing, Communication, Tourism Pages: 108 (25254 words) Published: December 3, 2013
2003:138 SHU


Integrated Marketing
Communication and Tourism
A Case Study of Icehotel AB


Social Science and Business Administration Programmes
Department of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Division of Industrial Marketing
Supervisor: Tim Foster
2003:138 SHU • ISSN: 1404 – 5508 • ISRN: LTU - SHU - EX - - 03/138 - - SE

This bachelor’s thesis is the result of ten weeks of research and writing during the spring of 2003. It has been an interesting and learning experience. We are thankful for the guidance and help from our positive supervisor PhD Candidate Tim Foster at the division of Industrial Marketing, Luleå University of Technology, during this time. We would also like to thank our families and friends for support and for always being there. Finally, we give a special thank to Monica Sansaricq, marketing assistant at Icehotel, for her cooperation and positive spirit that helped and inspired us in our writing.

Luleå University of Technology, June 9, 2003

Camilla Kulluvaara

Johanna Tornberg

The increasing communication options in recent years have contributed to the clutter the world is experiencing today. This has made it important for marketers to integrate their marketing communication and break through the barrier of noise to reach the target market. Furthermore, the heavy competition within the tourism industry has made it necessary for organizations to focus more on marketing and in particular communication. In 1993 a new concept called Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) was introduced. This new concept has generated a great interest among academics and practitioners, although research concerning its implementation is limited. The purpose of this thesis is to gain a better understanding of Integrated Marketing Communication in the Swedish Tourism Industry. A case study of Icehotel has been conducted to investigate how the IMC strategy and use of communication tools can be described. Furthermore, this study shows that Icehotel is successful with the integrated communication strategy, as the message is kept consistent throughout all the communication, reflecting the image of Icehotel. This study also shows that in the use of the communication tools, traditional advertising has been replaced to a great extent and emphasis lies mainly on public relations and product placement. To let the product, ice, speak for it has lead to a lot of publicity for Icehotel all over the world. The ice follows as a read thread throughout all of the communication of Icehotel. Finally, Icehotel has built a strong brand identity and image through their choices of cooperators with similar brand images.

Den ökade kommunikationsmöjligheten de senaste åren har bidragit till störningar i informationsflödet. Detta har medfört att den integrerade marknadskommunikationen blivit allt mer viktig för marknadsförare för att bryta barriärerna av störningar och nå ut till mål marknaden. Den hårda konkurrensen inom turism industrin har gjort det nödvändigt för organisationer att fokusera mer på marknadsföring och speciellt marknads kommunikation. Ett nytt koncept, Integrerad Marknadskommunikation (IMC) som introducerades 1993, har genererat ett stort intresse bland akademiker och utövare, även om begränsningar finns inom detta forskningsområde om hur man implementerar detta. Syftet med denna uppsats är att öka förståelsen för Integrerad marknadskommunikation inom den svenska turism industrin. En fallstudie av Icehotel har utförts för att undersöka hur IMC strategin och användandet av kommunikations verktyg kan beskrivas. Dessutom, visar denna studie att Icehotel är framgångsrik med IMC strategin, på grund av att meddelandet är konsistent genom all kommunikation, reflekterande Icehotels image. Studien belyser även att i användandet av kommunikations verktyg, så...

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Sansaricq, Monica, Marketing Assisstent, Icehotel AB, 2003-04-28, 14.30
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