Assistant Accountant

Topics: Management, Customer service, Customer Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: May 7, 2013
As an Assistant accountant in the Organisation the value I have added is to a greater extent in my first 3 weeks of placement. When doing the General administration things such as filling, customer service and customer handling I have been able to reduce the workload from my senior accountant. He is able to use this time for the completion of some other task instead. I have been managing the internal needs of the company, which has resulted in a smoother operation of the organisation as a whole and has resulted in higher customer satisfaction for which the Organisation has received some compliments. I helped my Manager prepare budget for the month of November-Dec as the Organisation prepares budgets every 2 months. The value that I added was by using the Advanced Management Accounting theories, which helped my manager create a budget that was feasible compared to the budgets created in past due to many reasons. I used the theory of participative budget where the Managers of the Sales department and the lower level team were also involved to discuss the budgets, which was suitable for everyone. An efficient budget meant my input was very useful for the Organisation. The company Accountant is managing multiple businesses at the same time as managing Henderson Cars Ltd. The organisation needed someone who could assist the Accountant in preparing GST, preparing financials and updating customer records. Hence my position has been important for the Organisation, the operations have run efficiently after the first week of Co Op placement. The customer data has been updated on daily basis where as before it was delayed or forgotten sometimes because of time and shortage of staff and resulted in payments being ignored by customer or not being charged. The Organisation has its own finance company, which lends money; I have also emailed customers for the reminder of overdue payments. This process was not done on regular basis in the past. The customers have been...
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