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Tradeway Tire Co. is a major supplier of tires for OEM, replacement tire markets and private brands having almost 9000 employees in North America (Skinner & Beckham, 2008). Background
Tradeway’s Lima plant in Ohio is the only one current operating manufacturing plant in North America. There was also one more plant in Greenville, but it was closed in 2006 due to financial reasons (Skinner & Beckham, 2008). Problem:

The major problem with the Tradeway’s Tire Lima Plant was facing the critical problem of employee dissatisfaction and higher turnover among its line foreman (Skinner & Beckham, 2008). Foremen saw no career development opportunities, dissatisfaction with the upper level management that contributes to a demotivating environment for the foreman. Opportunities:

By providing training to the employees could be more valuable and raise employee satisfaction. Placing less pressure on the foremen to get immediate results, establishing better relationship between supervisors, spending time by management on employee concerns could reduce turnover. Recommendations:

Tradeway needs to let their foremen knows about the opportunities for their growth. Businesses often lose their highest performance employees because they don’t provide growth opportunities (Sallie-Dosunmu, 2006). Training programs must be provided which could increase productivity. Proper communication between employees and management must be at the constant priority that could help in reducing turnover (Gilley, 2005, p. 89). Conclusion:

By implementing a few of the above mentioned changes, Trandeway Tire will see an increase in the morale of the employees, more job satisfaction, better relationship with the unions. Additionally, with less pressure, the company will see less turnover and higher production.


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