Assingment On Pahela Baisakh 1st Sem

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Lecturer Nasrin Farzana

Batch: BBA 051 B
051 15879 Md. Majharul Haque

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Bangla New Year or Pohela Boishakh marks the first day of the Bangla Calendar. Pohela Boishakh is celebrated with great fervour in the South Asian region of Bengal (Bangladesh and Indian/West Bengal) and among Bengali communities living in the Indian states of Tripura and Assam (Specially in Barak Valley). Pohela Boishakh coincides with the New Years in many other Southern Asian calendars.

Bangla New Year or Pohela Boishakh connects all Ethnic Bengalis irrespective of religious and regional differences. Ethnic Bengalis across the world and from all walks of life unite to celebrate the Public or Universal Festival of Bengalis i.e. Pohela Boishakh; it’s the occasion to welcome the New-Year with a new hope of peace, prosperity and goodwill. Pohela Boishakh generally falls on 14th or 15th of April of the Georgian calendar. In Bangladesh, it is a national holiday celebrated around 14th April according to the official amended calendar designed by the Bangla Academy. In India, in Indian/West Bengal & Assam it is a public (state) holiday and is publicly celebrated on 15th of April.

Celebration of Pohela Boishakh
Pohela Boishakh is a Public festival of the Bengalis; it is celebrated among all Bengalis irrespective of religious and regional differences. As discussed earlier; the celebrations started from Akbar’s reign. But the Public celebration of Pohela Boishakh and the large-scale organizations of cultural events have started more recently.

Rabindranath Tagore had said that a person feels stronger, complete & united when he’s among other fellow mates on the occasion of a festival as compared to daily life. Truly, socializing brings a lot of change in the personality of a person; it actually changes his outlook towards the world and makes him broad minded, well-mannered and a better person indeed. Nowadays it’s seen that, due to our busy schedule and hectic life we tend to forget the purpose of the festivals after they are over; people come together during festivals, forget their differences but as soon as the festival is over the differences are highlighted once again!

The Pohela Boishakh celebrations and festivities reflect the life in rural Bengal. Usually on this day everything is washed and cleaned; people bathe early in the morning and dress in fine clothes and then go to visit


Relatives and friends. Special food items are prepared for the guests. Starting as a rural festival, Pohela Boishakh has now become an integral part of Bengali culture. People from all walks of life dress-up in traditional Bengali attire: Men wear Dhuti / Payejama / Lungi and Kurta /Panjabi. Young women wear white Saris with red borders, and adorn themselves with Tip (Bindis), Churi (Bangles) and Fūl (Flowers). It’s like a custom to start the day with the traditional breakfast of Panta-Bhat (leftover rice soaked in water), onion, Shobuj Lonka (Green chillies), Achar (Pickles),Dal (Lentils) & Bhaja Elish Mach (fried Hilsa fish).

Boishakhi Fairs are organized in many parts of Bengal. The lifestyle of rural Bengal is showcased in almost all these fairs. Various traditional handicrafts, toys, cosmetics, agricultural products, as well as various kinds of food and sweets are sold at these fairs. The fairs also provide entertainment, with singers and dancers staging jatra (traditional plays), pala gan, kobigan, jarigan, gambhira gan, gazir gan and alkap gan. They present folk songs as well as baul, marfati, murshidi and bhatiali songs. Narrative plays like Laila-Majnu, YusufZulekha and Radha-Krishna are staged. Among other attractions of these fairs are puppet shows, merry-go-round and Giant wheels are also installed and are enjoyed by the children.

In Dhaka, large...
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