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Usages of Internet and web application break down the limitations

There are many real success stories about how the internet and ICT have changed our societies and these changes focus positively on economic growth and socio-cultural benefits. The usage of internet as a platform in every sector is creating many new opportunities, whose were unavailable at past. Internet has a great impact on information sharing. By using internet the people from grassroots area can enable various economic growth and socio-cultural benefits. The growths of usage internet and ICT enhance the controlling power over the money. Now a day’s people are conducting money transaction very safely and easily. The usage internet has positive effect on children education, healthcare, community development, disaster management, living standard etc. If the rural people and the farmers come under the internet and ICT, what effective result may come we are go to identify through this essay.

Present scenario of agriculture in Bangladesh: Agriculture-production is the most vital sector in Bangladesh. Most of the people of Bangladesh live in villages. They are almost everybody directly or indirectly depended on agriculture. There are 15183183 farmers family in this countryi. The total cultivatable land is 9098460 hectorsii . The contribution of agriculture in GDP is 19.95 iii . Though garments industry is expanded the employment opportunities. But agriculture and agriculture-economy is important. At present many technologies are using by farmers in agriculture-production to increase the production. Farmers are using power machine to cultivate the lands. The irrigation problems have been solved. Farmers are using high quality fertilizers. That’s why day by day the production is increasing. The farmers know well how to produce the production very efficiently and effectively. The government has some supportive activities for the farmers. There are many agriculture officers in every local Thanaiv. The agriculture officers are helping the farmers by giving trainings and advices on various issues of production.

Problems: Farmers are very much efficient on their production. But the main problem is that the farmers never get the actual prices of agriculture-product. Sometimes they loan money from many sources at higher interest rate. When the farmers not get the proper prices of their product, they fall in problems. They suffer for their borrowed money. In consumer markets the prices of agriculture products is very higher than others items. The prices are increasing day by day. Ultimately farmers selling products at lower prices and consumers buy these products at very high prices. What’s the reason behind this? The reason is there are some middlemen who are actually gaining profits by cheating the farmers as well as the consumers. Another problem is that the farmers not get proper information about the cultivation. Sometimes farmers fall 1|Page

trouble with bank loan. Though the government has ordered all the banks to be friendly with farmers, but the farmers are not getting the proper banking facilities from the banksv.

Solution: This problem can be solved by the help of internet and web application. By using the internet the middlemen will be vanished. By forming cooperative society among the farmers all the problems can be solved. An integrated model for solution:

Fig: integrated web marketing model.


Comparison between traditional marketing and our model: By using this model farmers can earn extra 50 taka vi per sales unit. And the prices of agriculture product will reduce in consumer level by minimum 20 taka.

Farmers 500

Local buyers + 20


Rice processors 50


Marketplace 30

consumer = 600

Fig: traditional selling process. Farmers 550 Fig: web marketing model Marketplaces + 30 Consumer =580

How the model will works: 1. Farmer’s cooperative society: The farmers from several villages under one unionvii will...
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