Assingment # 1 List 4 Factors That Moved Florence Into the Renaissance

Topics: Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici, Cosimo de' Medici Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Amanda Smith
Assingment #1

1. List at least 4 Factors that moved Florence in to the Renaissance.

The first factor that moved Florence in to the Renaissance was their Republican government. A part of their government was seven chosen men who they referred to as ‘senior guilds’ which formed a body of magistrates and ruled the city. This government was created so that it could preserve Florence from the rise of terrible city tyrants who were out to get many cities. This government introduced situations of the city as public matter rather than private matter. Anyone a part of this government had to be elected or appointed. No positions were inherited to people. People elected their rulers and it was the ruler’s responsibilities to help the concerns of all the people rather than just a few. The second factor that moved Florence in to the Renaissance was the rise of Fine Art; starting with paintings. In the late 15th century many artists came around to some very famous pieces and new concepts of art. One artist that played a major role in this was Gentile Da Fabriano. He’s most famous for his new Gothic International painting, the “Adoration of the Magi.” This piece of art became the new talk of the town. It incorporated many influences from all over Europe, not just Italy. It also purposed many ideas and storytelling, which was something that hadn’t been done at this time yet. Another famous artist, which many of us know today, Leonardo Da Vinci. He’s most famous for his painting of the “Mona Lisa” mostly because of her interesting smile. The third factor that moved Florence in to the Renaissance was the introduction of Humanism. Within the late 14th and early 15th century, a new perspective of learning, writing, creating, and even thinking arose. Humanism seeks after the incredible importance on people rather than the divine or supernatural matters. This allowed many people to turn away from the Medieval Ages to a new age. A famous scholar Pico Della...
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