Assing Number 9

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1. (2 points) Give an example from the article of any of the types of evidence described in chapters 8 and 9 of Asking the Right Questions (intuition, personal experience, testimonials, appeals to authority, personal observation, research studies, case examples, analogies). Identify the text from the article and what type of evidence it is.

Research studies as evidence: “ A second recent study looked at student achievement among Romanian children and adolescent after home computers were made available.”

2. (2 points) Repeat #1 with a different type of evidence.
Appeals to Authority: Agencies have too much money to spend too quickly, says David Williams, vice president for policy at the nonprofit Citizens Against Government waste. 3. (2 points) Repeat #1 with yet another type of evidence.

4. (2 points) According to the article, introducing home computers and high speed Internet has the biggest negative impact on the poor – the very group targeted for help. Jacob Vigdor speculates that many lower income children live with single parents who have neither the time nor the skills to help or supervise. Is Mr. Vigdor making this statement as an authority? Why or why not? (Hint: research his credentials) 5. (6 points) In the article, the GAO states that the Obama 7.2 billion dollar rural broadband program is vulnerable to waste and fraud. a. Is the CAGW organization reputable? Why or why not?

b.Search the web to find information about CAGW.  Who does CAGW answer to (who funds them)? Even if they are non-profit, they get their money from somewhere. c. Does their funding make them biased? Explain or give an example. 6. (2 points) This article uses a humorous analogy. Find and describe it. “Of course, providing free rowboats to all would likely raise general boating skills.” This analogy is comparing “free rowboats” and “boating skills” 7. (4 points) Norm Alster with Investors Business Daily wrote this article. a. Search the web to find out about other...
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