Assimilation Today

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Department of Latin American and Puerto Rican StudiesLehman CollegeThe City University of New York| Assimilation Today|
New Evidence Shows the Latest Immigrants to America Are Following in our History’s Footsteps| |
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“Assimilation Today”
By: Dowell Myers & John Pitkin
In this reading of “Assimilation Today” the concept of assimilation is quite complex. First and foremost, by definition the word assimilation is the process of receiving new facts or of responding to new situations, in conformity with what is already available to consciousness. As we set foot in to a new era of immigration policies, assimilation is defined as how immigrant groups are integrating into the American mainstream. It is said that assimilation is occurring; the longer immigrants are in the United States, the better that their advancement in the American Society could be observed.

However you also find opponents to immigration, who claim assimilation is not occurring and that immigrants are frozen in their condition as new comers, never advancing and eventually becoming a load to the American society, affecting unavoidably our economy; that is already struggling to recover from its most harsh recession. The indicators of advancement that have been selected by the authors of this article are citizenship, homeownership, English language proficiency, job status, earning a better income. According to these indicators, after 1990 immigrants in the United States are advancing at high pace in spite of their social and economic position. Each of these markers represents an aspect of immigrant incorporation into the American life. For some being English proficient is the main factor that will open all of the other doors.

America has been the cradle to immigrants since its begin, and assimilation has occur time over time throughout centuries, but it seems as if now days assimilation has become an...
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