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Justine Walsh
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Frebuary 25, 2014

The United States has the highest population of immigrants, in 2011 there were 40.4 million foreign-born people residing in the United States. Assimilation is defined as the process of adapting of one's values and expectations in order to fit into the prevailing society. Immigration is a chance for people to get a new life and freedom they were never allowed.

A reason for immigration is proverty. A majority of immigrants come from poor third world countries. When your country is poor you struggle more than any Coronado High student could ever imagine, things like health care, dental care are luxaries unimaginable. A lot of third world countries don't even have things like air conditions, living here we can imagine how hard that could be. Immigrants deserve any chance to seek better life. Coming to America is an opportunity that could save many lives, so why are we trying to stop it?

Education is common role in immigration. A lot of coutries don't have the nessecity of education. To any average American student you can see they take advantage and don't nessecarily value the education we have. Third world countries stop girls from going to school, I can't imagine not being able to learn. Things we get handed to us everyday without a single bit of thank you are the same very things that pull immigrants here.

America is known for its freedom. Immigrants come because they strive to have a better life. Here we have rights and can really do anything that follows our laws. Immigrants migrating from undeveloped countries come to leave proverty and oppressive political regimes from their countries. Immigrants want to practice their religion freely and they want to be able to voice their opinion or even have one.

Many people from lots of different countries come to the "land of opportunities." There are little negatives when weighing in the positives...
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