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Topics: Future, Weather, Romance languages Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: July 13, 2014
1.She’s meeting Fred at 3 o’clock
Name: Present continuous
Form: Subject + form of the verb to be + present participle
Function: A planned event to take place in the future (pre arranged plan) The phonological features: She’s meeting. Sh:iz is the contracted form of she is. May have problems pronouncing He’s /z/– She’s pronounced / / of the clock – o’clock pronounced / / weak forms: at – pronounced / / Intonation: falling at the end of the sentence. Sentence stress: “Fred”…..

Difficulties: Some students may miss out ‘at’ or even change meeting to meet and also drop at. Context: A visual of a lady looking at her diary and is on the phone she is talking to her friend Louise. Another close up visual of the extract of her diary : she has made an entry at 3 o’clock meeting with Fred tomorrow. She is talking to her friend Louise asking: What are you doing tomorrow? She replies saying: I’m meeting Fred at three o’clock.

Clarifying concept:
Did she know that she was meeting Fred? Yes
Is she with Fred now? No
Has she decided to meet him just now? No
Does she have any plans for tomorrow? Yes

Are these plans fixed or not? Fixed
When did she plan it? In the Past
Do we know exactly when the meeting will take place? At 3 o’clock tomorrow


PAST --------------X-----------------------|------------X--------------------- FUTURE


2. It’s going to rain
Name: Be going to
Form: Subject + form of the verb TO BE + going to + main verb Function: To predict future events, based on present evidence. The phonological features: The pronunciation would be It’s /s/ going to rain – stress on going to. It is – It’s pronounced / / Weak forms: to – pronounced / /

Sentence stress: “ rain”....
Difficulties: Some students may miss out going to and say it’s gun a rain. Students may have problems pronouncing It’s /s /. Some students may use will – ‘It will rain’ Context: A...
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