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Written trial examination
1st External Multidisciplinary Case Exam
29th April 8.30-12.30
This examination paper consists of 2 questions. For grading purposes, the questions are given the following approximate weights: Question 1: 80% Question 2: 20%
Total: 100%
All written materials are allowed at the exam. This examination paper consists of 2 pages Guidelines
You have four hours to answer the questions listed below by using relevant models and theory from your toolkit. All aids and utilities are allowed. Access to the internet and use of the internet is allowed, but communication with others is strictly forbidden as is submitting fully or partially identical answers. If it is discovered that you are communicating with others you will be expelled from the examination. Your answer must begin with an outline, in which all relevant areas are listed. Include relevant theories/models from several subject areas, such as: International marketing incl. statistics

Business law
Communication, organization and logistics/SCM
In the outline you are to explain which areas you have selected for an in-depth analysis and those you might have chosen not to include and explain why you have left them out. Your answer will, among other criteria, be judged by your ability to use the curriculum in which you have been taught the first year of the education, interdisciplinary. The total length of your paper is to be no more than 10 pages, incl. appendices, but excluding cover page. Due to the limited number of allowed pages, you are encouraged to limit the use of appendices. Questions

Question 1(80 %)
Make an analysis and assessment of Daloon’s situation. For instance, use the enclosed extract of Daloon A/S annual report 2012.
On the basis of this, well argued suggestions to Daloon’s future growth strategy in Europe should be made.
Finally work out a proposal containing the market research – desk research and/or field research that will be relevant to make...
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