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Exercise 1 - SWOT
Brill Leisure Center has hired you to help them with their marketing decision making. Examine the information presented below and locate the factors in a SWOT analysis table: 1. The Center is located within a two-minute walk of the main bus station, and is a fifteen-minute ride away from the local railway station. Strength 2. There is an Olympic standards swimming pool. Strength

3. The swimming pool has no wave machines or whirlpool equipment as do competing local facilities. Weakness 4. It is one of the oldest leisure centers in the area and needs some renovations.Weakness 5. Due to an increase in disposable income over the last six years, local residents have more money to spend on leisure activities. Opportunity 6. There has been a substantial decrease in the birth rate over the last ten years.Threats 7. After a serious dispute with the manager of a competing leisure center, the leader of a respected local scuba club is looking for a new venue. Opportunity 8. Press releases have just been issued to confirm that Brill Leisure Center is the first center in the area to be awarded quality assurance standard ISO 9002. Opportunity/Strenght 9. Brill Leisure Center has received a grant to fit special ramps and changing rooms to accommodate the local disabled. Strenght 10. It is widely acknowledged that Highly Brill has the best-trained and most respected staff of all of the centers in the locality. Strenght

Exercise 2 - SWOT
1. In the early 1990's Burger King Restaurants profits steadily declined as McDonald's and Wendy's gained market share. Each year there were more stores closing than opening. Is this loss of market share a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat for Burger King? Weakness

2. Eating habits of customers are changing, with research showing that most customers order food to go. Burger King can reduce the cost of building a new restaurant from $1.3 million to $970,000 if they make their stores smaller. Is finding out this information a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat for Burger King? Opportunity

3. In 1999 McDonalds launched a cross promotion with Beanie Babies (a small stuffed animal toy) at the height of the popularity of the Beanie Baby craze. Is this cross promotion a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat for Burger King? Threaths

4. In 2004 Greg Brenneman was hired to lead Burger King as CEO. Brenneman previously helped turn around PWC consulting and helped facilitate that company's merger with IBM Global Services. This merger earned the title of 'deal of the year' from Institutional Investor Magazine. Prior to that, Brenneman spent six years at the helm of Continental Airlines, helping to return the company to profitability after 16 years of losses. Brenneman also has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Is having Brenneman as CEO a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat for Burger King? Strength

5. Burger King spent $340 million on an ad campaign that targets teenage males at the expense of other market segments, especially women. Franchisees are unhappy as they felt this advertising was too focused on a narrow segment. Is this franchisee reaction a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat for Burger King? Weakness

6. McDonalds trains its franchisees and others at its own Hamburger University. Hamburger University is on an 80 acre (320,000 m2) campus with 19 full-time international resident instructors to teach students from more than 119 countries. The state-of-the-art facility includes 13 teaching rooms, a 300 seat auditorium, 12 interactive education team rooms, and 3 kitchen labs. Hamburger University translators can provide simultaneous translation, and the faculty has the ability to teach in 28 different languages. Is Hamburger University a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity or Threat for McDonalds? Strength

7. In May 2003, a cow with Bovine Spongiform Encephalophaty more commonly known as Mad Cow Disease was discovered in Alberta,...
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