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Writing Task #3

Multimodal reduces complexity in language and how we communicate. In the digital world, Comumunity spaces such as MamaMia present not only digital text remediated from old media, but also other modes to represent a better understanding of content for their viewers.

Structure/ outline argument.
1st Paragraph:
Focusing on the digital sphere, Mama mia provides a women- feminist culture where their language is target at mothers. Kress notes that to express one's conveying messages, firstly questions ''which information, for this audience, is best conveyed imagery and which in writing? (Kress, 2003). It can also be said that ''New media provides powerful new ways of representing and manipulating information''.(Jenkins, 2009). This can be formed from the use of layout and use of visual representations to convey one's message. In contrast, Merchant discuss the language [used in blogs], tends to be informal or even playful in quality. (Merchant, 2006). MamaMia uses specific elements to characterise with their viewers, a binary made from still images that are being used for serious news stories to where film movements of celebrity gossip are in text imagery. I agree to Merchant's statement to some extent as blogs, are created to be used for posting ideas and essentially of personal choice and having the public articulate their own views and ideas by posting comments.

2nd paragraph .
Rich, M. (2008, July 27). ''Some literacy experts say, is that spending time on the Web, whether it is looking up something on Google, entails some engagement with text.'' I agree with this theory as today online, you are not only reading text, but you are enaging with it, unlike old media such as Television where you just watch and understand. Furthermore ''A culture makes available as means for making meaning’’ (Kress,2003). This statement made by Kress emphasizes multimodal elements make their conveying messages...
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