Assignment Two Section 2

Topics: Formative assessment, Summative assessment, Assessment Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: December 3, 2014
DFA7130 Assignment Two, Section 2 – Learning and Assessment in Practice

My scheme of work and lesson plan is covering producing an Alien character using face cast, bald caps and or prosthetic pieces. Within my specialist subject makeup you find students either prefer the fashion photographic side or they prefer the media root like the alien character. This is a specialist subject area and you have to take this into consideration when putting together your scheme of work and lesson plans as different students have different strengths and preferences. This will then show with the outcome of the work they have produced. I used Kolb’s cycle when producing my SOW and lesson plan for this unit as this allows for differentiation and allows for all students to get engaged at the stage which they prefer and go through the learning cycle comfortably like learners A and B. Both learners A & B enjoy the practical aspect and this topic is over 3 lessons, this gives the learners lots of time to practice and perfect their characters. I support and challenge my learners throughout every session. Whilst carrying out my demonstration I question my students asking them why am I doing this? What else could I do? What else can this product be used for? I try to ask all of my students a question or even push them to think of another answer to what someone else has given. Once I have asked a question I wait before I chose a learner to answer giving everyone a chance to come up with answer for themselves first. I find this waiting time gets all students thinking and so they become more engaged. I find this works really well for learner B as she gets reassurance as she asks lots of questions during demonstrations and I am able to explain whilst I am doing so she gets a verbal and visual explanation. As well as a practical demonstration from myself I advise my learners of websites, you tube videos and books they can use to help them with their research to produce their final look. I...

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