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Assignment Two

By katherine8789 Aug 15, 2013 805 Words
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Assignment Two
6 systems archetypes were discussed in class. Describe and discuss 3 of them using original examples of real world phenomena. You must illustrate and discuss behaviour over time patterns of key variables, and identify key leverage points if appropriate. 1. Shifting the burden---The usage of natural resources

In this archetype, there are two balancing loops and one reinforcing loop. In this case, there two ways to solve the problem of the shortage of resources, a quick fix and a fundamental solution. Firstly, when people just find new or vicarious resources, it will increase the dependence on natural resources, but the problem of shortage of resources will be solved immediately. And then, when the problem becomes more and more serious, people have to explore much new and vicarious resources. Besides that, the fundamental solution to solve this problem is to promote the technology and the utilization of natural resources. When people depend much on natural resources and faced with the shortage of the resources, it is a high time for people to realize the importance of technology improvement.


Li Ma Student ID (6388712)

From the graph, we can see that the problem becomes more and more serious as the time flowing. But the problem symptom will decrease when people find a new or vicarious resources. Leverage

Faced with the problem of shortage of resources, it is the best solution to solve it with the combination of quick fix and fundamental solution. The policies from the government to limit the use of natural resources can result in relieving stress of the shortage of the natural resources and increasing the price of the natural resources, which may decrease the demand of natural resources. With less demand, the problem will be eased. In another loop, higher price will contribute to improve the technology and the utilization of the natural resources, which can also reduce the demand. 2. Escalation---the difference between the prices of houses in the city and country


Li Ma Student ID (6388712)

Before analyse the graph, we should pay attention to the assumptions of this model. (1) The prices of the houses in the city are much higher than that of the houses in the country. (2) Making advertisements is the only way for the real-estate agencies to promote their reputation. In this archetype, there are two balancing loops. In the first loop, the advertisement of houses in city will increase the price of it. So the price gap between the cities’ houses and countries’ houses will be broad, which will reduce the competitive of city houses. After that, the company can reduce the advertisements. In the another loop, similar to the first one, the only different thing is that when the price gap expand, the competitive pressure of country houses will increased. Leverage

To solve this problem, we should focus on developing the country areas and the contacts between the city and country areas. In the first place, we can promote the public transportation, which can help to enforce the contact and communication between city and country areas. And it will reduce the time on the way for the people who live in the country areas and work in the city areas. So it becomes more convenient for people to travel to and fro between city and country areas. And then, the promote of convenience can increase the preference of buying the country houses, which contributes to the economy of the country areas. When the government focus on the infrastructure construction, it will also accelerant the public transportation.


Li Ma Student ID (6388712)

3. Tragedy of the commons---the strategies of the McDonald’s and KFC

In this archetype, when McDonald’s and KFC create much more new fast-food, it will promote their revenues and the percentage of fast-food in the market. However, as the time going, the healthy problems will be happened among residents, such as obesity. It is a long process to find the bad result. So it is a delay action. With the obesity rate increasing, people would like to buy some healthy food, instead of fast-food, so the revenue of fast food companies will decrease. Importantly, the increasing consciousness of health will also depress the health problem rates. Leverage


Li Ma Student ID (6388712)

To solve the problem, there are two main approaches. Firstly, it is important to promote the consciousness of health. It will help companies to create much healthy food, instead of fast-food. Besides that, it will reduce the obesity rate among the residents. For the food firms, healthy food can attract more customers, which will help to promote their revenues. In a similar way, when the revenue increasing, the firms would like to create much healthy food to have more customers.


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