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As a student nurse you have approached a patient and their parent to inform them that they will be discharged from hospital in 2 days. The patients parent appears concerned at this news and explains that they are an only parent and are worried they will not be able to cope at home, they ask you if there is any help available to them.

This assignment will explore the above statement in relation to the role of a student nurse and what actions the student would be expected to take adhering to the Nursing and Midwifery Code (NMC, 2008). It will discuss the professional values and behaviours associated within nursing and the interpersonal skills required to develop and maintain the therapeutic nurse, patient and parent relationship. The assignment will examine two clauses from the NMC 2008 which will relate to the given scenario whilst also adhering to the confidentiality clause of the University, 'I certify that confidentiality has been maintained by the use of pseudonyms' (Edge Hill University, 2010). The two chosen clauses are 8. You must listen to the people in your care and respond to their concerns and preferences and clause 26. You must consult and take advice from colleagues when appropriate (NMC, 2008).  The assignment body will identify and analyse therapeutic and communication principles that underpin professional caring relationships and discuss the importance of collaborative working within the Multi Disciplinary Team, but also the nurse, patient and parent engagement. Communication will be particularly evident within the assignment as it relates to both NMC clauses above. The NMC are the regulating body for nursing and midwifery throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Islands and are there to safeguard the public by ensuring student nurses, nurses and midwives are delivering high levels of quality healthcare (NMC). By relating the clauses to the scenario stated this shows recognition towards the professional legal and ethical frameworks and their application to nursing practice. As a student nurse it is imperative to know the limitations within the role when supporting patients and their families which is where teamwork is of the essence. A student nurse is an advocate for the patient and family and should recognise were referral is appropriate. This will involve seeking advice from their mentor or associate mentor in order to deliver family centred care. It is a student’s responsibility to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of the MDT to promote the wellbeing of patients and families in their care (NMC 2009). 8 You must listen to the people in your care and respond to their concerns and preferences (NMC, 2008) Although there are a number of clauses which can be related to the given scenario, clause 8 is appropriate as communication is a fundamental principle of the nursing profession and an essential skill needed in order to develop therapeutic relationships with patients and their families. Typical forms of communication are verbal, non verbal and para verbal, sometimes known as paralinguistic (McEwen and Harris, 2010:3-4). Verbal communication is the use of spoken word, writing or signing to transmit information (Finnegan, 2010:23). This can involve the use of open and closed questions when communicating with the patient and family. Non verbal communication is communicating without words. This is the use of body language such as gesture, eye contact, proximity, facial expressions and touch. Para verbal includes the volume and tone of a person’s voice but also the pace and accent. Under the umbrella of communication within healthcare comes observational skills and active listening of which are fundamental to the nursing profession (Lambert 2012:3) As a student nurse in the given scenario it is important to demonstrate effective communication skills by using the appropriate methods. Critical...
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