Assignment Operations Management

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­­Thiago DeSouza
Homework Assignment 1
ISOM 319: Operations Management

Problem 1:
1. Input: Warehouse worker(s), package item(s), transportation vehicle, transportation pilots/drivers, and information for best method of travel. Transformation: Care for package(s), maintain client(s) informed, and transport package(s). Output: Transported package(s) and correct location and time of arrival.
2. Input: Idea development, financial backing, engineers, blueprint(s) design, prototype(s) creation, and material(s) selection. Transformation: Research and development, market approval, premarket modification(s), market confirmation, and trail production. Output: Final product, mass production, and product marketing.
3. Input: Customer cash, customer account, financial institution, and financial institution employees. Transformation: Receiving deposit, allocation of account, secure money, and responsible for value. Output: Secure storage, enhanced balance, and availability.

Problem 2: Yes, it is possible to have both high flow time and inventory, or have them both low. I would rather have a low inventory with a low flow time, because it means that the process would have a low waiting time.

Problem 3:
1. I = $100M R = $400M+$200M/year T = I/R
100/600 = .16 years => 2 months; The avg. dollar spends 60 days in the process.

2. I = RxT R = 10,000/year T = 3 weeks => 3/50 (office weeks)
10,000 x 3/50 yr = 600 claims at any given points

Problem 4:
Nissan Motor Company reported a total of $180M in revenues in the past year. On average, during one year Nissan Motor Company has a warehouse and dealership inventory of $12M. It has been discovered that Nissan Motor Company has a motor vehicle markup of about fifty percent. What is the average time that motor vehicles are in warehouse or dealership inventory before they are sold?

I= $12M, R= $180M/year, T=?
T=I/R => $12M/$120/year= 0.1 yrs

Problem 5:
Process Time
Process Rate
Station Rate
2 hrs

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