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Topics: Management, Strategic management, Human resource management Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Title of Module: Strategic Change in Organization, Creative & Innovation mgt, Strategic HRM Description
Nokia is a well renowned mobile manufacturer company. In the past Nokia was holding the market leader position, which was adversely affected due to the change in the technology in the mobile communication industry. As Nokia did not recognize the need for the change in time, so, The Company lost its market share drastically, which resulted in greater financial loss. In order to regain its position as a market leader in mobile communication business it needs a strategic change across whole organization. You are nominated senior manager of Nokia (at strategic Level). Using the available public domain information and the published annual report/ financial information, kindly execute the following tasks in your role as Strategic HR Manager/ Change and Innovative Consultant. Task and Assessment Criteria

Covers Unit 3
1. Identify and discuss appropriate models of strategic change and evaluate the relevance of the selected models of strategic change to Nokia in the current economy. 2. Select an appropriate model for change that could be used at Nokia. Set a plan to implement that model for change and develop appropriate measures to monitor the change progress. 3. Assess and comment on using strategic invention in Nokia

4. Examine the need for strategic change in Nokia and assess the factors that are driving the need for strategic change in Nokia 5. Assess the resource implications of Nokia not responding to such strategic change. 6. Develop systems to involve stake holders in the planning of change and develop a change management strategy with stakeholders 7. Evaluate and comment on the systems used to involve stakeholders in the planning of change incorporating a strategy for managing resistance to change. Outcomes( Objective)

Unit 3
1. Understand the background to organizational strategic change 2. Understand issues relating to strategic change in an...
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