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The Macbook air and its overall impact on Macbook sales,growth,profitability, and sustainability.

Roshni Iyyani Sureshbabu

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Date of Submission: 29 July 2013

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The Macbook Air family is a line of ultraportable macintosh notebook computers created by Apple Inc(which is founded by Steve jobs,Steve Wozniak and Ronald wayne in 1976).

The macbook Air started its journey from october 2008 with a 13.3 inch display and with OS X v10.5 Leopard Jjune 2009, apple released a faste and lesss expensive model of AirMac.Two models of AirMac with 11 inch and !3 inch were launched in October 2010,which improved their performance with a faster graphics year also they released two AirMacs with 11-inch and 13-inch,which based on Intel's next generation "Sandy Bridge" architecture and with Apple's new Thunderbolt port included in a backlit keyboard.Both also with two new configurations.June 2012 witnessed the latest releases of both sized airmac's based on intel's 'Ivy Bridge' 2013, (

Information Gathering

I depended mainly on the Apple's official website to gathering the features of different Macbook Air.It also give me the history and its initial business strategies.From that site i got a clear picture about Macbook air line and its unique features.And also i got the annual finanical report detail.

My second major reference site is that i got a clear view of macbook Air's current position in Market.aAnother site is,from where i got the journey of Macbook Air form 2008 to 2013.That helped me to write the introduction. Analysis

Apple's Macbook Air owns half of the market for such portable notebooks,and owns 44% share in US.The latest Macbook make a boom in the sales of Macbook all over the worlsd .this is because of the world wide acceptability of MacBook,which has a lot of customers from the business and IT field.`


Apple has a lots of marketing strategies which can pull the customers towards it,by forcasting the needs of customers and by appling it to new innovations.the indroudion of the macbook air is the one of the main stepping stone of Apple's history.mark Moskowitz defines the Macbook Air like this,"The macbook Air increasingly will be recognized as offering users tablet-like functionality-ultra-portability,thinnes,and instant-on-while offering an integrated keyboard and full computing application suite to complete professional work related tasks".these unique features increased the sales of AirMac.The 11-inch and 13 -inch AirMacs combin e the best elements of the iPad with more traditional notebook versality and that sales are increasing ,because clients using more cloud based services,mainly Apple's iCloud platform. ( The graph below shows the Mac sales from 2008 to 2013 first quarter.


Macbook air which launched in 2008,was accepted worldwide because of its unique features like portability,fast processors,flash memory was the thinnest PC ever seen on that time,which led to great success.So every year

Apple is tring to launch modified one.In was 13.3 inch model,later it redesigned in 2010,october with improved enclosure,screen revolution,battery life and flash storage.And one 11.6 inch MacAir also introduced with reduced cost,weight and increased battery life.There was a 15% of overall growth rate to Macbook Air to over other PC's with 3% growth rate in 2012.At 2012 September it falls upto 37% due to the introduction of smartphones.The annual growth rate in...

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NPD: MacBook Air owns 56 percent of the US ultrabook market: in 28 july 2013)
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