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There are two basic types of institutions in Bangladesh. The public sector and the non government sector or the private sector. The nongovernmental universities started their operation during the late 1990 in Bangladesh. Having the act passed of private university establishment in 1992 many Universities has started to boom. During 1990 the number of private universities was twenty however the number reached to fifty with in 2005. In addition the numbers of students are also accelerating day by day. There is a mushroom growth in university establishment in the private sector. However the number is not huge in terms of quality education and standard. Apart from a few non qualifying standard universities, nongovernmental universities are not any point less than the public universities. On the contrary the leading private universities are providing with quality North American standard with a highly educated and skilled faculty members and facilities (Campuses). Among all of the nongovernmental universities, the study focuses of some of the leading and major private universities which are playing a vital role to produce skilled work force for the economy of both home and abroad with their quality and standard academic offerings. Therefore North-South University, Independent University Bangladesh, East-west University, American International University Bangladesh and Brac University earns the best level of attention. Even though there are many Universities present at the industry at this moment most of them are standing on a uniform platform which is profit generating by providing quality educations. As a result all the profit making institutions together make an industry. In addition, each university is considered as an individual firm which are competing each other. As a result this is not surprising anymore that the quality of the core service will be increased.


The study focuses of the current market condition of independent university Bangladesh among the other universities. The primary focus of the study is to document the major problems that the university is having at this moment. The special interest is to come up with the alternatives to solve the problem therefore eventually by selecting the best alternative. The present condition of IUB

It was evident that Independent University Bangladesh, presents a set of world class faculty members which is considered to be the core service of any educational institute. In terms of tuition fees, the university attracts a higher cluster of the society by setting a reasonable course fees per semester. The study also found that the programs which are offered by the university have quite a large demand in the market. Furthermore the university is located in a prime location of the city. However some of the competitors are easier to communicate. As a result the university is lacking of a location which very easy for all segment to communicate by road. As result even though the university does not lack much in terms of quality education and facilities; the location creates a bit of dissatisfaction of the students for communication each day. On the contrary North-South University which is one of the best competitors gets this weakness of Independent University as one of the opportunity and earns the first position leaving the second position for Independent university Bangladesh.

The core competencies:

The advising of the of the faculties: The advising of the students during the registering for each semester is found very helpful and effective by the students. The procedure allows the students to...
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