Assignment on Ernest Hemingway – Indian Camp

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Assignment on Ernest Hemingway – Indian Camp

Ernest Hemingway was an American author, he was born on 21.07.1899, and he died by suicide on 07/02/1961. His narrative mainly causes Hemingway’s prominent position in world literature, which is particularly evident in his short stories. Hemingway prefers short words and a paratactic sentence structure (main rates). In his economic style, he waives any decorative accessory and paint descriptions. This simplicity should not obscure the fact that Hemingway's texts have a special depth that true meaning in a seemingly simple surface is sought. Therefore, they are extremely profitable for an interpretation.

A - Summary:
A doctor is called in the night to a pregnant Indian woman, because complications occurred during the birth of her child. Accompanied by the doctor, are his son Nick and Uncle George, who rows across the water, into the Indian camp. The pregnant woman is in a shabby hut. It has been two days of intense pain and screams so loud that the men left the cabin and settled at some distance ("the men had moved off, up the road"). The doctor explains to his son, Nick, that the wife was in labor and she screamed because it hurts to deliver a baby. Since he had no narcotics, he could not relieve her suffering. However. Nick's father is preparing very carefully for an operation, because, he says, the baby is probably going to be lying upside down and had to be taken by an intervention. Nick cannot watch as his father takes a primitive folding knife and makes a caesarean section and after the operation holding up a baby. Her husband calmed down the young woman. "I must say he took it all pretty well," the doctor says appreciatively. But when he looks back he sees the young man lying in his blood because he has his throat slit.

B – characterization:
Nick's father is an excellent doctor, a specialist who is sober and objective approach to his work. In order to not let anything distract from his surgery,...
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