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Third-World Families at Work: Child Labor or Child Care?

I am a citizen of India. My soul wouldn’t be satisfy if I directly started saying something about this Pakistan child labor case. Everyone knows Pakistan is a struggling and developing country as is India and some other countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nepal, and Mexico. When I read this case I thought a lot about it, then I tried to compare this situation with my Home Country. I didn’t see that much difference between Child labor in my country and in the Pakistan Child Labor Case. I have seen this situation in my life. Probably my thinking is also the same as contractor manager Mr. Mohammad Ahmed. I know how developing countries are struggling to become developed countries because I spent 22 years of my life in a developing country. It is very hard for all developing countries to be a developed country in a few years. Developing countries can’t be developed countries just by improving one major field; they need to make progress in many areas. Whenever I think about developing countries, I wonder why all of these countries are struggling to reach at developed level. The answer may be poverty, corruption, bribe, or terrorism to name a few. It may be all of these reasons combined. Think about it this way: if one country is suffering from all these major problems, how can that country be a developed country? Is there any relevant answer? Child Labor is a major problem of globalization, but it particularly affects children in developing countries. Child labor is child employment in cases in which he or she is deprived of a childhood, attending school, and is harmful in any way. Before 1940, many children from 5-14 years old worked in many different countries in differing manual labor situations. Child labor reached new extremes during the Industrial Revolution period; children were working long hours, in dangerous conditions, for little money.

In developing countries, with high poverty and poor schooling opportunities, child labor is prevalent. Child labor is still prevalent in developing countries with high poverty and poor education opportunities. Throughout the world agriculture and manufacturing sectors are the most predominant form of child labor, in which settings they are exposed to many hazardous conditions. The majority of children are employed by their parents in rural settings and informal urban economies. A lack of schools and finances is considered by some to be the primary cause of child labor. Work related injuries are caused by child labor mainly. According to Compassion International, Inc., “an estimated 6 million work-related injuries occur among children annually, which results in 2.5 million disabilities and 32,000 fatalities every year.” Not only are children involved in child labor susceptible to physical injuries, but also exposed to toxins and chemical hazards. These physical injuries often affect the child’s health, and in turn negatively impacts education and academic performance; along with these causal factors on education, another factor may be lack of time to study because the families are forcing them to work. A study conducted in Egypt found that: Many fathers couldn’t find work or were unemployed for health reasons that were a result of them having worked too long hours, in conditions that negatively impacted their health as children. For example, one man had worked in pottery factories since childhood and was blinded as a result. Thus, one of his sons was then forced at the age of 8 to provide for the family and engage in full-time work. There are a lot of problems behind child labor. The term child labor seems to be a small concept, but it has a lot of components, such as: a) Child Abuse

b) Small wages compared to adults
c) Not a proper working environment
d) Poverty
e) Family problems
f) Declined economic growth
g) Lack of adequate education facilities
h) Rural-urban economic gap and income...

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