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Unit 6.13 International Healthcare Policy
To explore the international context for healthcare policy and organisation of healthcare. To understand contemporary issues and promotion of public health. Learners should understand the political, social and cultural issues that help to determine healthcare policy and be able to critically assess the policies and practice in one specific context Unit Level

Unit Code
Guided Learning Hours
Credit Value
Unit Grading Structure
Assessment Guidance
Should include an in-depth study of one healthcare context
Learning Outcomes. The learner will:
Assessment Criteria. The learner can:

1. Understand healthcare policy formation in an international context

1.1. Analyse approaches to healthcare policy formation in international contexts 1.2. Critically assess the influence of funding on policy formation in a national context 1.3. Critically evaluate healthcare policy in one national context

2. Understand the social and cultural context of healthcare

2.1. Assess the impact of culture on healthcare
2.2 Assess the impact of society on healthcare
2.3 Analyse attitudes to healthcare
2.4 Evaluate the cultural and social impacts on and attitudes towards healthcare in one national context

3. Understand healthcare provisioning

3.1 Describe how healthcare policy is translated into practice in international contexts 3.2 Analyse the organisations involved in healthcare on a national and international level 3.3 Explain the structure of healthcare delivery in a chosen national context 3.4 Analyse practical barriers to provision of healthcare in a national context


4. Understand the role of public health and health promotion in the provision of healthcare services

4.1 Assess national and international socio-political issues in the promotion of public health 4.2 Analyse the impact of international campaigns and national policies on...
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