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Thanks to the rapid development of technology, Internet is being used widely, which is a good background for the breakout and development of e commerce in the near future. Group buying, a kind of e-commerce, started in US and then has developed everywhere in the world. It has been developing gradually in Vietnam since 2010. The study will present this model in the world and also in Vietnam, interpret its success and weakpoints, set up a new business model. This model is not just a business but a combination of trade and technology.

Chapter 1:
1.1 Company description
NHOMMUA established in October 2010, is a subsidiary of a German group- Rebate Network investing in Asia which is also the host of website. It is now making up 35,89% of the market with very remarkable total revenue of 225,589 m VND. NhomMua gets Alexa rate as 14.753. (1/6/2011) NhomMua is now considered the most successful group buying in Vietnam as it provides costomers in Ho Chi Minh City , and Ha noi with high quality goods or services with very high discount rate even up to 90%. The number of members has increased up to 500,000 now and about 4million people access this website everyday. Nhommua organization:


Deal operator

Website administration



Nhommua website:

1.2 Services and products:
There is a wide range of deals of products and services available but most of them belong to service and tourism industry such as restaurants, hotels, entertainment. Quite low imput costs compared with products from other fileds, and the ability to get high discount rates from the providers though negotiation can explain this why the majority of deals focuses on service industry. 1.3 Payment :

Home delivery service for VIP cards
Vouchers are delivered free of charge and paid in cash at customers’ house. PayPal
The payment can be done by credit card or by paypal account. Right after the payment finishes, vouchers will be posted or home delivered .

Costomers can create an account on Right after the payment finishes, vouchers will be posted or home delivered .

Get the vouchers at Nhommua ‘s office.
After completing the order procedure,customers can pay and get the vouchers at Nhommua ‘s office. SmartLink
In order to use Smartlink Payment to order online, there are two conditions: Own an ATM which can be used to pay online through Smartlink system and registered the internet banking services with card- issuing banks. Register the transaction via SMS or TOKEN device with the bank.

Ordering and payment procedure:
Step 1: browse products or services information and click “MUA”

Step 2: Information products

Step 3: Choose payment options

Step 4: Click “ buy”
The orders is sent to your email address.

Nhommua officer will confirm the order and deliver vouchers within 3-5 days after the deal finishes.Customers will pay in cash to deliverystaff

Chapter 2:
2.1 Nhommua’s business model
in Vietnam, apart from there are many other websites such as:,; The common points among these websites are group buying, applying a kind of e-ccomerce with win-win-win model in which the three parties in the models-merchants- website – uses all get benefits.

2.2 The detailed benefit analyses of the three parties Merchants / Producers/ Providers: Merchants
An fast and efficient way to advertise their products or services to their target customers No risk and free advertisement : this is a cost saving but efficient way campared with the traditional ones like TV commercials, news adverts.. PR...
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