Assignment Industrial Electronics

Topics: Electronic oscillator, Typography, Voltage Pages: 4 (802 words) Published: December 24, 2010
Department of Electronics and Communications

Fall 2010

ELEC 0331: Industrial Electronics

Deadline of Submission: 22nd December 2010 Sessions: A and B

Assignment Outcomes

The Assignment will help you to

1. Identify and analyze industrial electronic circuits
2. Construct, measure, and troubleshoot circuits in application to industrial electronics.


* Assignment must be computer typed.
* Font - Times New Roman
* Font – Style - Regular
* Font - Size - 12
* Hardcopy is to be submitted.
* Explain with suitable diagrams wherever required. * The final assignment must have a Title Page, table of contents, reference/ bibliography and page number. * Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, and Underline. * Each student has to do the assignment individually.

* You can refer books in Library or use internet resource. But you should not cut and paste material from internet nor provide photocopied material from books. The assignment answers should be in your own words after understanding the matter from the above resources.

Rules & Regulations

* If any two assignments are similar, then zero marks will be awarded for the assignment. No chance of resubmission or appeal will be given.

* However, if the plagiarism is found to be accidental the student may be advised to re- submit the work only once within one week from the date of rejection. A penalty of 25% of the total marks on the specific coursework assessment component will be imposed on the re-submitted work. If the re-submitted work is also found to be plagiarised the student will be awarded a zero mark in the assignment.

* Your source of information should be mentioned in the reference page clearly. (For example: If it’s from book, you have to mention the full details of the book with title, author name, edition and publisher’s name....
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