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Faculty of Information Management

Bachelor Information Science (HONS.)
(Information System Management)

(IMC 402) Foundation of Information Management

Essay of Information Management in TM
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Muhamad Taufik Bin Amin

Submission date: May 31st 2014


Information Management
Information management is an important element in an organization , it requires certain information to be managed in such a process in terms of job creation include the next information management and then fully use the information that was obtained or created. Among the importance of knowledge management can be categorized into two , namely the importance for the present and also at the future. What is the time now is when an organization is small or large requires a form of information concerning the operation of the company in a very short time , the information obtained for use in a short time it also allows its use in the future , this is where there is interest on comprehensive information management , information is also available for use not only will continue to use it to go through some process made it its use is at the maximum level.

Before the era of technology without limits as now human societies recognize the importance of the information, and then only when there is awareness of management on the information available at present. Each order process is used to manage information must be correct and in accordance with standards to achieve the accuracy of the information according to the objectives of an organization or project to be implemented. Not being able to manage information allows a project to be implemented such failure information is not in a correct sequence of processes.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, information management is very important in an organization, in addition, management information is also used by private individuals either in unnoticed by the user of such information or otherwise. Management on the information that was actually available in each individual instance, on the use of social sites that are known at the present time of facebook. Facebook indirectly enable information to be shared by users to other users located in coordinated and can be updated. Consumers often make Facebook as INFORMATION MANAGEMENT IN (SFM) UNIT

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a medium to share information inadvertently, they also have to manage the information in the layout of the activities available on Facebook.

Information Management in Malaysia’s Industry
The rapid development of information technology today plays a role to force society to accept and acknowledging the management of information is an important entity to accelerate the process sensitivity upon information. Civic awareness is required in order to drive forward a competitive industry with healthy competition. The National Archives is one of the backbone of a nation. Functionality that is related to information and records made of the importance of information management to the country. industry-industry in Malaysia emphasizes information management functionality in every detail of the products, whether global or private nature. The purpose of the National Archive was founded to save, preserve, electronic data or records in the public sector can be organized in a form of information. The information obtained is used efficiently by industries in Malaysia as we can see the rapid development in Malaysia in various sectors. Communication industry in Malaysia is one of the largest contribution in Malaysia proliferation economies. Communication is among the elements associated with the management of information. The rapid development of communication industry help even more information can be obtained more quickly and effectively. The activities that occur in information management is also...

IMC402 - Chapter 8 - Issues in Information Management, 13 May 2014
IMC402 - Chapter 6 - Information Professional, 8 May 2014
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