Assignment For Organisational Behaviour

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Assignment for Organisational Behaviour Unit 2014-15
The assignment for this unit is to prepare an outline or ‘treatment’ for a 30 minute documentary film for television on a topic from this unit which interests you. A treatment is a description of your documentary, in prose, which guides the reader through content and tone. Usually they are written to sell films to producers. Your treatment should include the following:

1. Title (what are you going to call your documentary)

2. The pitch (what is your documentary going to be about?)

3. The point of view (POV – what is your position on this topic? This is your chance to show your critical thinking abilities.)

4. The case studies you will use to tell your story.

5. The experts you would like to include as ‘talking heads’ (these will be taken from the literature on the subject, rather than your being expected to conduct actual interviews)

6. A ‘storyboard’ for the documentary (what will we actually see? You can use powerpoint or keynote for this).


Title: Management Goes to the Movies
The pitch: This documentary shows how Hollywood has often been fascinated by what goes on in large companies. It will investigate the power, passion and politics behind some high grossing films.

POV –Hollywood films are deeply conservative and seldom trouble received views of business and management. They typically show leaders as heroes. They seldom question the dominance of managerialism unless it is to attack the bad apples – the rogue firms which spoil Free Market ideology for the majority of good companies. As there have been an increasing number of financial scandals, the movie industry has produced an increasing number of films about corporate malpractice and how perpetrators are brought to justice, an example of the capitalism’s self-regulating behaviour. The individual is seen to be caught up in the desire for wealth and status and the realisation that their own personal...
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