Assignment Brief and Case Study 2 1

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Assignment Brief:
Please read the case study carefully. Taking the role of a team of management consultants, prepare a report addressing the issues outlined in the case study.
1. You should write a report in your groups. Your report should be paginated and be between 2,000-2,500 words long excluding table of contents, summary/abstract and references/bibliography and include at least five cited, fully referenced, appropriate academic sources. For advice on structure of the report, referencing and other details please refer to ‘Assessment’ section on the module StudySpace.

2. In addition, your group should submit a group journal which should include a critical reflection (3-4 pages). The template of the group journal can be found at the end of this assignment brief and in ‘Assessment’ section of StudySpace.

3. Based on your group report and journal prepare a group
presentation. Your presentation should have maximum six slides (excluding the first slide containing the title of the presentation and names of all group members) and the duration of your presentation should not exceed five-six minutes. All group members should present in class and be ready to step in if one or more group members do not turn up for the presentation assessment. Students not in attendance and not presenting will receive a mark of 0% for this element unless they have mitigating circumstances. The suggested structure of the presentation can be be found at the end of this assignment brief. For presentation tips please refer to ‘Assessment’ section on the module StudySpace.

Assignment questions:
Your report should address the following three points:

1. Do you consider that the different departments at Ringwoods are groups or teams? Justify your answer making reference to
appropriate OB theories and drawing on examples from the case study.

2. Making reference to appropriate OB theories and drawing on examples from the case study outline and diagnoze underlying issues and problems at Ringwoods. Issues and problems at
Ringwoods may relate to group work, organizational culture and communication, motivation, and other areas.

3. Conclude the report with recommendations as to how things may be improved, i.e. write an action plan for the company, basing your recommendations on your analysis of problems and issues as well as appropriate theoretical knowledge. Prioritize possible actions and consider the implications of your recommendations based on your knowledge of the company.

Firing on three cylinders…
Lifestyle Cars Ltd, as is general amongst car manufacturers, distributes its vehicles through a series of authorised dealerships all over the UK. In order to successfully qualify for such authorisation, each potential dealership has to undergo rigorous vetting procedures to ensure that Lifestyle’s quality standards will be adhered to. Competition for authorised dealership is always fierce, never more so than when, as with Lifestyle, the products are popular and sell well. Dealers are expected to meet sales and growth targets laid down by the manufacturer – in trade jargon ‘to move the metal’. Rewards for success are not just monetary: dealers who are performing well are awarded a variety of other prizes, from holidays to extra deliveries of new models into their showroom. Out-of-date models are obviously not as easy to ‘move’ and not dealer wants deliveries of these cars in favour of new or improved styles. Once accepted as an authorised dealer, the relationship between dealership and Lifestyle is not always an easy one. The two organisations must live side by side for as long as the contract lasts. Lifestyle has no direct authority over a dealer but indirectly have great power.

To understand this situation more fully, let us look at a typical dealership, Ringwoods Ltd. Founded more than twenty years ago by Alan...
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