Assignment 9

Topics: Culture, Justice, Awareness Pages: 7 (1581 words) Published: June 7, 2015

Assessment of Mental Health Facility: PORT Human Services (Kinston Outpatient Clinic) Tonya Robinson
COUN 5336

Substance abuse seems to be one of the rising epidemics in Eastern North Carolina. There have been an increased number of arrests being made as a result of drug and substance abuse. With limited resources, PORT Human Services is one of the very few and one of the most successful organizations to provide mental health and substance abuse services in eastern North Carolina. PORT Human Services provides a number of preventive and recovery resources for mental health and substance abuse. An assessment of PORT Human Services will be conducted which will include components such as persons who are eligible for services, cultural competence of staff members will be evaluated, public polies that apply to the organization will be introduced and evaluation of the organization efforts to bring awareness to the small communities of eastern North Carolina. Through the assessment, the goal is to highlight this organization's past and previous efforts to provide treatment and care to individuals of all populations in general. Description of PORT Human Services

The organizations serve individuals from all walks of life. Mental health/substance abuse services are provided to children and adults. All individuals are eligible for the services and through the partnership Eastpointe, which is the organization that identifies state funds and provide it to individuals such as illegal immigrants with no cost involved or individuals with no health insurance. Many of the efforts of the organization go towards providing affordable or free of cost, care and treatment for individuals that are willing to help themselves. PORT Human Services recently started incorporating commercial advertising as a form of making a public service announcement. The advertisement discussed, treatment options for individuals suffering with substance abuse. The organization also hosts community events to raise awareness about mental health and substance abuse. Clients receive education through prevention and outreach initiatives. One of the most successful outreach initiatives that this organization has coordinated was holding an educational session on HIV/ AIDS awareness. This program also provided information to the general public about the many services that the organization has. PORT Human Services provides counseling services to children, adults and families. This organization specializes in the Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP). The counseling staff all come from various cultural and geographical backgrounds. Staff members also have various certification/licensure that is a representation of evidence based practices. In this organization, staff members are required to receive training that focuses on working with diverse populations. Clinicians do offer supervision to other professionals, one staff member is a Global Appraiser of Individual needs which entitles the staff member to make recommendations about juvenile clients that need to be evaluated and treatment. Since eastern North Carolina is small, advocating measures come by word of mouth or through connecting with agencies who make referrals. The public policy that is relevant to the organization and its population is the NC Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse developed a policy and funding to provide appropriate care and treatment to all individuals who are seeking mental health and substance abuse services. The funding source is known as “State Dollars”. With this funding PORT Human Services continues to be a great resource for individuals that are seeking help to live beyond their addictions and start a new life. Social justice is a very important component of the counseling profession. It should be a counselor’s mission to bring awareness to the general public about issues that presents any form of inequality. Lopez-Baez & Paylo...

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