Assignment 55 Childcare

Topics: Pleading, Tort, Complaint Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Task A Short answer questions

1. What duty of care means in children and young people setting (Ref 1.1)

Duty of care is a requirement to give reasonable care and attention as well as a caution to avoid negligence which would lead to harm of other people, children and young people. Duty of care means to protect them from danger and harm. The younger the child the more need to watch them as they are more vulnerable.

2. How this contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals (Ref 1.2)

Safeguarding needs risk assessments to make sure there is no potential hazard around which may endanger children or may cause accidents. Boundaries should be set along with clear expectations for the children or young people. Understanding the way children may be abused by others being aware of the signs and follow appropriate procedure if abuse is suspected as well as observing children and young people and assessing their development. You need to be alert to any indication that their progress is not as expected for child of their age, this is so relevant action can be taken in partnership with the parents and other professionals.

Task B Complete table

|Example |Example of potential conflict |How to manage the risk (Ref |Where to get additional support| | |or dilemma (Ref 2.1) |2.2) |and advice (Ref 2.3) | |1 |Paint on child’s clothing |Use aprons, roll up sleeves and|Line manager and staff | | | |ask parent to provide a set of | | | | |change of clothing for such | | | | |activities | | |2...
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