Assignment 4

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Professional ethics Pages: 3 (1461 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Thang Nguyen
GENB 4350
Prof Daniel Curie
October 30, 2014
The Ethical Issue

The ethical issue here is that Luke is facing a dilemmatic situation of whether he should reveal the organization’s agenda to his brother, Owen or not. The professional codes of conduct require Luke to reserve the company’s confidential information to himself but choosing not to disclose the information will make Luke become a non-partisan towards his brother. The main ethical issue here is confidentiality and as an employee, Luke should embrace it as long as he works for ABC Company. This is an issue when Luke considers whether to disclose his company’s project information or not. If he decides to do so, he will violate his contract on the professional ethics of ABC Company. Luke will not be in this dilemma if Owen is not close to him. Luke is facing an ethical dilemma where his personal value conflicts with his organizational value. To this extent, Luke has shown some signs of being partisan to other parties. All the plans and confidential should be reserved and carried out only through the permission of the entity’s management. The corporations have distinct cultures and beliefs that are lived and breathed by its members. Therefore, Luke should stand by the codes of conduct and show the values which ABC Company expects from him in his action and behavior. In case, Luke informs Owen about what ABC Company intends to do with the land, Owen is also going to notify other people owning land in the neighborhood and they will be willing to sell their assets by all means to gain some money before suffering big capital losses. This is going to violate Luke’s professional code of conduct and against the expectation of ABC from keeping the confidential information. Therefore, he should not take such a step. There are always specific solutions for ethical problems based on their nature and the organization’s code of ethics and professional conduct. In this...
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