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Topics: Business ethics, Insurance, Business Pages: 10 (2007 words) Published: August 5, 2014

Student: Gerard Petersen


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MGT 5000-8
Tara Davis

Business Management
Assignment 3

Faculty Use Only

Gerard Petersen

Management 5000-8

Assignment 3

Northcentral University

Empress Luxury Lines is a dishonest company that wants it’s employees to do unethical business practices. Antonio was put in a terrible situation. He had to choose between the ethical or unethical choice of action. If he does the ethical action he will certainly lose his job. If he does the unethical action he has to live with his decision. To be asked to mislead the insurance adjusters is a terrible situation to be put into. This is a catch 22 situation which Antonio is in. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

If I was in Antonio’s position Antonio’s obligation to Kevin is to do the right thing. Kevin knows that to do what Phil wants him to do is unethical. Phil wanted Kevin to dig up almost all the underground cable and wire and haul it off before the insurance adjusters come. The cost of replacing the computer system and wire and cable would be about half a million dollars. Kevin called Phil and told him due to the storm damage by an electrical surge the cost would only be 15 thousand dollars Empress has in the past successfully defrauded insurance companies. Antonio could always tell Kevin that he is going to turn in Empress Luxury Lines and this would cost him his job. Antonio would leave Kevin out of the picture and pay the consequences for blowing the whistle of Empress. In a situation like this Antonio is better off blowing the whistle on Empress. Antonio is better off working someplace else rather than working for Empress. If Antonio tells Kevin to dig up and dispose of the cable and wire and the insurance company finds out about it then Kevin and Antonio will be in a lot of trouble. The both of them could end up doing prison time and face a huge fine. Empress would be fined a huge amount also and have to pay back the insurance company. (Daft Management Tenth Edition 2012). Antonio really has an easy decision to make because if he does what Empress wants he can get in...

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