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Q.1. In reference to the Wilkinson Sword case study, the group was facing major operational problems. How did the new CFO go about firstly of trying to develop systems for the envisaged change and secondly develop a change management strategy, to involve all the stakeholders in the planning for change?

In reference to the Wilkinson Sword case study, the new CFO brought the envisaged change by focusing on the following, Appointed the senior manager as the project manager so that all the team reports to him and in turn he reports it to the CFO directly. Focused on having a common and updated shared database of sales through LAN and DOS application which would have a wider use within the organization. Each team within itself should have a presence globally to be a part of international group. Recognition was awarded to the employees with positive feedback and skills. This would encourage the employees to mark a 100% attendance in a group meeting. CFO,

by following the process, it would help in examining if the problem is persisting in profitability, liquidity, marketing and supply. Due to financial problems, the organization (Wilkinson Sword) decided not to have the budget for the current year but also added to have the local budget set to a ‘quantified streach’ beyond the past year budget. New reporting formats were introduced. Local Management and Consultations were told to submit monthly reports and budget package subsequently. Extra time was allowed to complete the current budget pack align with the new pack which was introduced for the last three months of the current financial year. Local group proposed a hardware and software combination through a supplier which can integrate all departments in a common shared database. CFO and Project Manager were doing a local visit to review the existing infastructure within the organization to understand the success of the new change implementation. A crash program of PC replacement, upgrades, laser and desktop color printers, etc. was implemented. CFO implemented a 12 month plan to install, pilot, train, test etc. and bring the new system online.

Developing  a change management strategy, to involve all the stakeholders in the planning for change – In order to implement strategy & get involved stakeholders in planning: Stakeholders along with the board members should conduct a monthly meeting discussing on the related issue, 1. Addressing issues of the employee so that they can show an attention is always provided on when required. 2. Looking into the monthly reports of sales, profitability, revenue, etc. 3. This would lead to understand the risk exposed by the organization and collectively could make a decision to avoid such circumstances in future. 4. Time period is essential to meet the targets set.

5. Stakeholders should have an open door policy in case of any urgent issues to be addressed. 6. These measures will add to the productivity of the team. And team effort would also be visible, further skill could also be recognized. 7. Every small event/ achievement should be celebrated. Socializing between the team members and stakeholders could be seen in these small events held.

Q.2. What were the troubles being faced by the group initially and what were the major reasons for these problems? In view of these problems being faced and then developing a change management strategy, to involve all the stakeholders in the planning for change, as given out by you in Q.1., how will you evaluate if these systems used to involve all stakeholders in the planning for change will be successful or not? Give your rationale behind this evaluation process.

Troubles being faced by the group initially
Retail customers were threatening to withdraw business due to the popular product launched in many markets. Germany being the only popular market within Europe, which adds to the failure of the product in the rest of the cities. GM’s were dissatisfied...
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