Assignment 303

Topics: Discrimination, Sociology, Individual Pages: 3 (1247 words) Published: April 16, 2015

1.1) Diversity – Diversity means different. It is the understanding that every individual or groups of individuals are different both physically and mentally and each of those people deserves to be treated as individuals. Equality – Treating everyone as an equal removing any prejudice and/or discrimination and giving everyone the same rights and opportunities. Inclusion – To make sure everyone is included without limitations or restrictions. . This can mean inclusion from anything to activities to decisions. Discrimination – Discrimination means treating someone differently. People could be discriminated against due to class, race, gender or any other group that person belongs to.

1.3) Inclusive practice in adult health and social care settings would mean including everyone regardless of race, age, gender etc is included. An example would be including an individual with any choices or decisions made regarding their care. By doing this we would be promoting diversity and working or living within a diverse environment. This is important as by including everyone you would therefore be treating everyone as equal. This is promoting equality. 2.1) There are a number of legislations that relate to equality, diversity and discrimination in adult social care settings. Each of these legislations provided guidelines that social care workers should follow in order to provide the highest quality of care eliminating any chances of discrimination or lack of opportunities due to inequality. Below are the legislations relating to equality, diversity and discrimination and how they apply to a social care role;

Anti-discrimination act 1977 – This act aims to create equality for everyone and to protect them from unfair discrimination. A social care worker incorporates this by delivering the same high quality of care to everyone regardless of race, religion etc and making sure care is delivered following the individuals request and...
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