Assignment 3 2014 2015 Body Systems

Topics: Human anatomy, Biology, Anatomy Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Caring and Education

Student Name

Assignment Title
The main body organs and their overall function
Assignment Ref:
Zoe Taylor

Date issued
17th December 2014
Hand in Date
28th January 2015
Assessment Date
18th February 2015
This assessment should take you about 10 hours

Qualification suite covered
Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in HSC (QCF)
Level 3 BTEC Diploma in HSC (QCF)
Units covered
Unit 5: Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care
Learning Outcome covered
Learning Outcome A: Know the organisation of the human body

You are working as part of NHS team delivering training to newly qualified nursing staff across the county. As part of your job role you have been asked to prepare a series of Diagrams for Display in the Local Health Centre explaining how the Body’s System Work.

Task 3
Annotated Diagrams: This provides evidence for P3.

Produce a series of annotated diagrams to provide an overview of each of the body systems and there general function, inclusion of the main organs within each of the systems is required. Body organs: Locations of heart, lungs, brain, stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum, ileum, colon, kidneys, bladder, ovaries/testes, uterus; structure and functions of the skin Systems: Gross structure of: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, renal, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, and lymphatic, musculo-skeletal, immune Main functions of systems: Overall functions of each system, e.g. digestion of food materials, maintenance of oxygen supply, transport and supply of materials to cells, reception of information from the environment, co-ordination, eliminating waste products, reproduction; overview of interactions of the different structures within each system. Evidence you must produce for this task

Annotated Diagrams and Reference List.

Criteria covered by this task:
To achieve the criteria you must show that you are able to : Unit
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