Assignment 205 Introduction to Duty of Care in
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Assignment 205 introduction to duty of care in Health, social care or children’s And young people’s settings

Task B Case Study

Case Study One

You are a support worker for Mrs Ahmed who is 89, physically frail and lives alone. She has diabetes. Mrs Ahmed wants to eat foods that are not suitable for her medical condition, and asks you to shop for her as she is not able to get the shop herself.

Bi Describe the difficulties for you in exercising your duty of care and upholding Mrs Ahmed’s right to choose.

I would consult Mrs Ahmed’s care plan, and advise her about your concerns that she follow a healthy diet, stressing that she will feel much better if she does so. I would also advise her about alternative foods.

Bii Where would you go to get advice, information and support to deal with the dilemma? I would seek advice and support from my manager, and get information from Mrs Ahmed’s care plan. Case Study Two Leon Quashie lives in supported housing. He has learning disabilities. You are his support worker. Leon tells you that he has a new friend who comes to his home and plays on his games console. A few days later you notice that the games console is missing. Leon tells you his new friend has borrowed it.
Biii Describe the difficulties for you in exercising your duty of care to Leon and upholding his rights. As I am Leon’s support worker I would explain to him that I can call his friend and ask him to return the games console, if it does not get returned then I may have to inform the police. Also I would explain to Leon that I am there to protect him from being exploited or taken advantage of. I would explain to Leon he has a right to make mistakes and choose what he does with his possessions.
Biv where could you go to get advice and support on how to ensure you uphold Leon’s rights but also follow your own duty of care? I would get advice from my manager, social worker and maybe the police.

Task C
Ci identify a) Legal b) Organisational

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