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1. The total mark for this group assignment is 460 and it contributes about 15% of total evaluation of this course. 2. You are limited to use EXCEL to complete the given tasks. 3. You are required to answer all questions and to compile all the answers in a well prepared report. 4. Your report must begin with Page Title (List of group’s member, lecturer etc.), Answer for Questions (following orders of questions) and reference. 5. This assignment must be handed in BEFORE 5th December 2013 by 3.00pm. Any late submission will get mark 0.

Case study
Title: Bank Marketing

1. Background of the case study
This case study is related with the direct marketing campaign of a Portuguese banking institution. The bank was making a promotion on the product, bank term deposit, to some potential clients. The marketing campaigns were based on phone calls. Often, more than one contact was made to the same clients. The strategy was decided in order to access if the product would be or would not be subscribed by clients.

[Refer to S. Moro, R. Laureano and P. Cortez. Using Data Mining for Bank Direct Marketing: An Application of the CRISP-DM Methodology. In P. Novais et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of the European Simulation and Modelling Conference - ESM'2011, pp. 117-121, Guimaraes, Portugal, October, 2011. EUROSIS.]

2. Task
Imagine that you are the new Marketing Manager whom is responsible to promote the product, bank term deposit. You are instructed by your immediate superior to study the data and to recognize the followings: i) The criteria among clients who subscribed the product, and do not subscribed the product. ii) The effectiveness of the promotion.

iii) The general acceptance towards the new product.

3. The variables
The variables listed in “bankdata.xls” are:

A. Number of clients

# Related with clients’ background
B. age: clients’ age in year
C. job : type of job ('admin.','unknown','unemployed','management','housemaid','entrepreneur','student', 'blue-collar','self-employed','retired','technician','services')  D. marital : marital status ('married','divorced','single'; note: 'divorced' means divorced or widowed) E. education ('unknown','secondary','primary','tertiary')

F. default: has credit in default? ('yes','no')
G. balance: average yearly balance, in euros
H. housing: has housing loan? ('yes','no')
I. loan: has personal loan? ('yes','no')

# Related with the last contact of the current campaign:
J. contact: contact communication type ('unknown','telephone','cellular')  K. day: last contact day of the month
L. month: last contact month of year ('jan', 'feb', 'mar', ..., 'nov', 'dec') M. duration: last contact duration, in seconds

# Other variables:
N. campaign: number of contacts performed during this campaign and for this client (numeric, includes last contact) O. pdays: number of days that passed by after the client was last contacted from a previous campaign (-1 means client was not previously contacted) P. previous: number of contacts performed before this campaign and for this client Q. poutcome: outcome of the previous marketing campaign ('unknown','other','failure','success') R. y - has the client subscribed a term deposit? ('yes','no')

Question 1 (17 marks)

a) The following the variables listed in “bankdata.xls”, classify the variables into (i) one of two types of variables: qualitative or quantitative and (ii) one of the four types of scales: nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio.

Type of variable
Type of scale

















Question 2 (144 marks)

a) Construct a frequency table that summarizes each qualitative variable. Show the manual steps of EXCEL on how to categorize the level.

Division marks for each...
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