Assignment 2: Windows 7 Workgroup

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Assignment 2: Windows 7 Workgroup Consultation for Sally Chu  Due Week 9 and worth 100 points
Imagine you have been hired as a network technology consultant for a small business. The owner of the business, Sally Chu, has asked you to provide assistance in setting up local users on a Windows 7 workgroup network. She also wants you to provide the highest level of security for her network. Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you analyze and solve the following issues: Sally wants all six (6) of her administrative staff members to have the same computer-access privileges. She wants them to be able to run applications and use network printers, but not be able to make any accidental changes that can adversely affect their computers. * List and explain the steps you would take to provide the most-efficient method of creating user accounts for these employees. Sally wants to be able to provide a high level of authentication for her network’s users, so she is asking for a dual authentication process. She has asked you to perform research in this manner by providing two (2) dual authentication methods. * Explain two (2) different forms of authentication methods that Windows 7 supports that can be combined with requiring a password for network access.  * Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using both the methods you’ve chosen. Sally has asked you to make security modification to Internet Explorer. You need to ensure all Web-based applications run in protected mode except those that exist on the local intranet since these applications need to write to specific disk space that protected mode prohibits writing to. * Develop a strategy to ensure this compatibility by using Microsoft Visio or an open-source alternative to create a...
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