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UNIV 1211: Professional Development and Competencies
Assignment 2
Instructor: Catherine Kakpovbia
Name: Nora Alqahtani
ID: 201101823
Major: Finance
Assignment 2: My Career Path within a Selected Company (20%)

These days everyone is keen to complete his studies and obtain a high degree. Then getting a job suitable for his abilities and his suit. Here, each one will begins to search for a company that he can work in, in order to earn money and complete the trajectory of his life. I choose SABIC company as a sample to learn more about the possibilities my finance major can provide me for my future career.Moreover, this report will tell you background of the company, opportunities, challenges, demands and finally, the career path at the company.

Background of the Company
SABIC the establishment of the Saudi Basic Industries pioneering step in our country in 1396 AH (1976 AD). Moreover, the aim of the foundation of the company is an investment resources of the country hydrocarbons and convert them into materials with high added value, such as chemicals, polymers and fertilizers, for the purpose of export and create the space for the development of manufacturing industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and raise the proportion of the contribution of non-oil sectors to the gross domestic product. SABIC is a global company with its roots and a large part of its business based in the Middle East. It is the largest and most profitable non-oil company in the Middle East and one of the world’s10 largest petrochemicals manufacturers It is a public company based in Riyadh: the Saudi Arabian government owns 70% of its shares, and the remaining 30% are held by private investors in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In 1983 began the first joint venture in production, followed by the establishment of several subsidiary companies. Now it going through three phases of expansion of the enhanced its position in the fastest growing companies in the world. In 1985 the total production capacity of the company (6.3) million metric tons. In addition, at the end of 2005, the company's production reached to (46.7) million metric tons. Moreover, the company plans to become one of the largest industrial companies by the year 2008, with a targeted capacity of up to (60) million metric tons annually. System includes SABIC Industrial in Saudi Arabia (20) of subsidiary companys operating world-class. Most of the subsidiaries in the Kingdom in the industrial cities of Jubail and Dammam on the Persian Gulf, and the rest in the industrial city of Yanbu on the Red Sea.

Opportunities at the Company

SABIC offers its employees many opportunities and advantages. First of all, one of its employees is weak in the English language they will training him to development his language. Next, health insurance for them and their family members. Third, provide housing for their employees, such as accommodation for each employee in Jubail to be close to the company. Moreover, the company may send some of its employees to America or another country for a month or more to complete a deal or an increase in training. Furthermore, downright increase in salary for those who deserve. As if he keen and eager to work and develop the company then he will get a higher level and then increase his monthly salary.

Challenges and Demands at the Company
Challenges can be faced by the person are often among the employee, such as the accuracy of a good job and an end its requirements in the time or before the time. In addition, the client must be diligent and love to work in teams. He also should be ready to learn and improve new skills

Career Path at the Company
FINANCE majors emphasize the development of theoretical and practical approaches to financial management, security analysis, and portfolio management. The...

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