Assignment 2: Moments of Truth: Global Executives Talk About the Challenges That Shaped Them as Leaders

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Assignment 2: Moments of truth: Global Executives talk about the challenges that shaped them as leaders

Looking at the many issues that top level managers had to endure in ensuring that their perspective organization is successful is a very important factor in determining how effective they would be as leaders and decision makers. Below are issues that helped to shape them as leaders and helped them to overcome challenges faced within their various organizations.


The issue of humility is that when a person is in a leadership position he/she has to have the ability to look at things in their own perspective and be about to accept the suggestions, ideas, proposals from other people. Listening to your subordinates as well as your peers is a important factor in humility, by realizing that you as a leader work for the company and its people.


If the leader in an organization does not have the energy or the drive for the success of the organization, the employees will not have the energy or drive for the success of the organization. Leaders have to lead from the front by introducing innovative ideas to keep the company fresh and vibrant. This will help to infuse the employees with the same concepts and keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.


Many time when you want to take the organization into a new era of growth, this may be through an idea that you know in your gut will be a good move for the company. Sometimes as leaders you may not get the support from your endeavor from many areas of your organization, but as a leader you should take in the advice of your peers and subordinates and make informed decisions on what you should do. In many cases you may feel that no matter what this idea will be best course of action for your organization and despite all advice to the contrary you proceed on with your idea. Listening is very important in leadership as it allows you to understand the information that is given to you...
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