Assignment 2

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Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

M.Sc. in Information Management
M.Sc. in Information Systems
M.Sc. in Information Technology

Assignment 2
Individual assignment - 100 marks (Represents 20% of the final grade)

Assignment submission date- 08th March 2015 (8.30am)

Enterprise Applications and Relation Management
IM 506

Vis.Lec- Sanjeeva Perera

Individual Assignment
Date of Submission 08th March 2015
This assignment is worth 20% of the marks for the course:
1. Does IT Matter?
Written report consisting of 5-7 pages. The marks allotted for each part of the assignment are shown below in parentheses.
The Assignment
In the May, 2003 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Nicholas G. Carr wrote a thought-provoking and controversial article called “IT Doesn’t Matter”. In 5-7 pages, write a critical analysis of Carr's article. Include the following in your analysis.
1.1 Using the Internet and other resources, summarize both sides of the debate that resulted from this article, giving references for the views you present. (5 Marks)

1.2 Then give your own views on the debate, explaining why you think as you do.
(5 Marks)

2. Write notes on the following ERP softwares (each 1 page) :
2.1 SAP
2.2 Oracle
2.3 Microsoft Dynamics
(Marks 10)
Hardcopy of 1,500-2,000 words report with answers to above two questions.
1. Submit hardcopy of report with answers to two case study questions on or before the due date.

2. Student should produce at least 5 references out of which, 3 should be ideally on text/ journal based and the balance 02 on web based. Such references should reflect in the body of the assignment as well.

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