Assignment 2.3 - Celta

Topics: Newspaper, Advertising, Activity Pages: 9 (1434 words) Published: June 22, 2013

1: A rationale for your choice of text based on interest and usefulness. Do not provide a rationale based on discrete grammatical or lexical items.

(Text is provided at Appendix 1)

“A student finishing an Elementary course should be able to do or know the following:

• talk about past time

• make future plans or arrangements

• describe people using simple adjectives

• describe places sing simple adjectives

• express his/her hopes or intentions

• ask people to do something for them

• cope in simple social situations (e.g. talk about the weather, describe simple physical problems, give advice

• listen to natural speech and conversation, and undersatand the gist of what being said

← use authentic newspaper and find specific information required

• write simple letters and be able to link ideas together ”


The text was chosen to increase awareness of employment situations in the UK and to deduce factual information from newspaper advertisements.

The individuals in my previous teaching practice have a number of things in common with each other although there will be significant differences between them in terms of age and level. The few things that everyone has in common is that most learners are learning English to be able to live in an English-speaking country and to seek employment. This is often called extrinsic motivation.

“Extrinsic motivation is the result of any number of outside factors, for example the need to pass an exam, the hope of financial reward or the possibility of future travel”(Harmer.J,2007:p98)

This lesson will prove useful if the learners try to gain access to employment in future. Almost any type of newspaper advertisement can be used to deduce facts about daily life and to get information about the values of the target culture (English culture). In this way, learners arrive at a deeper understanding of both English-speaking cultures and their own, and are better prepared to communicate with native speakers and handle the everyday situations they are likely to encounter in English-speaking countries. [pic]

2: A quote from Scrivener, Riddel, or Harmer, which evidences my understanding of reading and the associated sub-skills (as the choice of text develops into reading lesson). Credit the source of my quote at the end of the quote and then include the title, author, publisher and edition in the bibliography

Scrivener(2011) states that in order to make students better readers, we need first of all to raise their awareness that it’s not always essential to understand every word, and that practising some different reading techniques in English may be useful to them. Many activities designed to increase reading speed are variation on the following two ideas :

• Skimming – read quickly to get the gist of the passage

• Scanning – move eyes quickly over the text to locate a specific piece of information

One of the ways of designing a useful scanning task is to ask students to find factual information which reflect real-life uses of the text.


3: Explain why I designed the two tasks and clearly specify which sub-skill each develops. Tasks attached as Appendix 2.

As Riddell states (2003), any receptive skills require an understanding of the text but also some language related or other productive tasks before or after the text.

Before handing out the text

Task 1: The purpose of this task is to check understanding of ‘essential’ vocabulary needed to complete the task. Vocabulary based task which will be guessing meaning from the text, possibly using similar extracts of information.

Harmer(2007) points out that this activity provides a perfect lead-in since students will be engaged, will activate their schemata, and...
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