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Food Culture of Indians differs from one another according to the religion, state, language and caste. Each of these groups has their own unique cuisine. Thus, positioning India as the most cuisine diverse country in the world. There are 5 region that is the North, North East & East, West and South. North consist of 9 states, North East & East consist of 12 states, West consists of 3 states and South consist of 4 states.

Each of the states has its own cuisine and style of preparation. States in the same region may have some similarities in the cuisine.

Some of the most influencing cuisine of North is:
* Kashmiri Cuisine ( State of Kashmir)
* Mughlai Cuisine ( Most North Indian States)
* Punjabi Cuisine (State of Punjab)
The foods of North India are not as spicy compared to the south. However, the spices used are more complex and aromatic. Meats, nuts, dried fruits and yogurt are the common ingredient used. Kashmiri cuisine characterized by highly aromatic and delicately spiced food. Mostly meat based, especially lamb and goat are commonly eaten. Kashmiri cuisines are delicately flavored with saffron and Kashmiri chilies. Abundant dried fruits and nuts are added to the dishes such as walnut and dries dates. Cottage cheese and climatic fruits like strawberries are also used.

Mughlai cuisine includes Kebabs, Kofta, Pulao, Briyani and others. Mughlai dishes are very rich in sauce, spicy and aromatic. Mughlai dishes also has aroma and taste of butter, ground and whole spices. Meat, apricots, melons, peaches, and plums are common ingredient

Tandoori and bread dishes are heart of Punjab. Marinated meat, chicken, fish, paneer (cheese) abd bread (roti) are common Punjab dishes. Dairy products are used in most dishes such as ghee, cheese and yogurt. Onion, garlic and ginger are basic spices used in Punjab dishes.


Some of the most famous and possibly influencing cuisines of the West is : * Goan Cuisine (State of Goa)
* Gujarati Cuisine ( State of Gujarati)
Vegetarianism dominates the West India especially Gujarat and Rajasthan because these two states are influenced by Jainism and Hinduism. Fish, pork, chicken and beef are famous Goan cuisine due to the Europe influence. Pork which is categorized as unclean are not commonly eaten anywhere else in India except Goa. Seafood and coconut are special and commonly used in Goan cuisine. Mixture of Portugese, Indian and British yields the Goan cuisine. Goan cuisines are also famous for spicy foods, hot foods, baked foods and sweet indulgences.

Gujarati cuisines are mostly based on vegetarian dishes as 69% of all Gujarati are vegetarians. Eggs, onions and garlic are not included, thus chili and ginger is used. Gujarati cuisine involves little oil and sweet and sour dishes are popular. Vegetarian food, dairy products and butter are extremely essential.


Most influencing cuisines out of the vast different cuisine in East & North – East India is: * Bengali Cuisine (State of west Bengal)
Vegetarianism is not highly practiced at all. Fresh water fish and sweets are common East Indian favorites. Fish, potato, coconut, rice and green vegetable dominate the cuisines. Bengali cuisine is characterized by mixture of sweet and spicy flavors. Bengali cuisine that is famous for sweet is rasgullas, gulab jamuns and rasmalai. Bengalis have a love for freshwater fish and use them very often. Common spice mixture used is cumin seeds, nigella seed, fennel, fenugreek and mustard seeds.


There are also some of the most influencing cuisines of the south which include Hyderabadi Cuisine (State of Andhra), Tamilian (State of Tamil Nadu). It is reputed to be the spiciest of all Indian Cuisine. Food are usually heavily spiced and employs coconut milk. Both of these cuisine has greatest influence on Singapore & South East Asian (SEA) cuisine. *...
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