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“Although caring may not be a word many people would normally associate with management. Cheryl Womack of Kansas City, Missouri, has built a $45 million company (VCW Inc.) by caring about her customers and her employees. She started her business in 1981 in the basement of her home with one telephone and call-waiting. What does VCW Inc. do? The company oversees the National Association of Independent Truckers. VCW offers cost-effective insurance coverage, retirement benefit plans, low-interest credit cards, and other benefits to thousands of independent truck drivers who belong to this association. In addition, many large motor carriers who hire independent drivers are also her customers. Womack's customers are a unique breed, indeed! Independent truck drivers "move the world" as they travel across the country with the products we use every day. Independent truck drivers are also business people and must run their businesses efficiently and effectively or they won't survive in this intensely competitive industry. How does VCW show that it cares about its customers-these independent truckers? It provides an answer to a problem that many of them face: where to find cost-effective insurance coverage that other insurance companies refuse to carry. Womack subscribes to the belief that if you can help solve a customer's problem, you'll be successful. She and her employees have been successful at solving their customers' problems and caring about them by providing outstanding customer service. But Womack's caring management doesn't stop with her customers. It extends to her employees, as well.

Her most compelling statement about her management philosophy is that "everything I do here is designed to cultivate and grow employees." From the beautifully designed offices to the formal dinners and travel experiences she provides, Womack sees her...
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