Assignment 16

Topics: Human resource management, Law, Employment Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Assignment 16 - HRM Incident 2 (Ch. 8): Performance Appraisal?

1. A few difficulties that Nakeisha’s performance appraisal practices might create are:

This can cause Legal Implications. “The rater or raters must have personal knowledge of the employee’s job performance.” (Mondy pg. 228). Nakeisha knew that Bill had an average performance but she still gave him high ratings. This is an unethical or unfair practice and this can cause Nakeisha to also lose her job if management finds out. Bill would also get his 10 percent increase due to giving him high ratings. Employees can report this to management or even pursue legal action for unfair performance appraisal. If Bill tells his coworkers about Nakeisha’s leniency towards his appraisal, another difficulty Nakeisha might face is that employees will begin to perform their work poorly and make excuses in order to take time away from work. Because they now know that she will give them a good appraisal even if they deserve an average performance grading.

2. A few things that Nakeisha can do now to diminish the negative impact of her evaluation of bill are: She should let bill know that she only gave him a good appraisal due to his personal problems. She should also let him know that she expects him to perform much better from now on. Failure to do so will result in a strict performance appraisal next time. Another thing that Nakeisha can do is to give more praise to her well-performed employees. This can save her from not being judged by other employees as being unethical and giving preferential treatment.
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