Topics: Road safety, Road transport, Traffic Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: February 26, 2013
(1)Aggressive driving is a phenomenon, which has only recently got the public worried. (2)The National Highway Traffic Safety Council (NHTSC) defines aggressive driving as “the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property”. (3)Actions such as running red lights, improper passing, overtaking on the left, improper lane change, failing to yield, improper turns, running stop signs, tailgaiting, careless driving and speeding are examples of aggressive driving.. (4)Such actions are dangerous to other road users. (5)Aggressive driving should be avoided because it causes crashes, injuries and fatalities.

            (6)The first reason why aggressive driving should be avoided is it causes crashes. (7)According to NHTSC between 78 percent (excessive speed) and 100 percent (improper passing) of the cases of aggressive driving resulted in traffic crashes and 96 percent of the drivers cited for “following too closely” or tailgaitng caused crashes as a result of their aggressive driving. (8)Moreover, “running red light”, “improper passing”, and “overtaking on the left” topped other categories of aggressive driving in contributing to traffic crashes.

            (9)Another reason why aggressive driving should be avoided is it causes injuries.(10) NHTSC states that the percentages of the injuries caused by aggressive driving are, in almost all categories of aggressive driving, above 100 percent. (11)Furthermore, the Department of Highway Safety (DHS) reports that this is due to the fact that each motor vehicle crash accounts for one or more injuries. (12) It was found that of the ten categories of aggressive driving, “running red light”, “failing to yield”, and “running stop signs” are the most serious factors contributing to injuries.

            (13)Yet another reason why aggressive driving should be avoided is it causes fatalities. (14)”Overtaking on the left” appears to be the most important contributing...
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