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Assignment (1)

* KEY QUESTION: Robin Hood’s organization started as a small, resource poor, loosely structured organization which was founded around a tightly focused, somewhat personal mission. The organization has grown. Robin Hood understands that organizations evolve and so must his but he wonders, what should he do to remain viable, how can he gather the resources he needs to maintain a larger army, and how will he get his followers to adopt and deploy a new strategy?

* Strategy Formulation and Implementation
* Strategic Leadership
* Competitive Advantage

* Robin Hood established an organization to fight a cause and the group experienced very strong initial success. * Details of the organizations initial strategy and its evolution are presented. * Current conditions are presented and, combined with historical information included, provide the foundation for a preliminary study of the dynamic nature of strategy formulation and implementation. * A theme throughout the case is the impact of change at several levels; within the organization through the impact on resource needs and use; external to the organization with respect to change in the environment at a macro level; and change in the environment with respect to competition and competing. * The case is intended as a brief introduction to strategic leadership and as a warm-up to case study as a learning tool.

Case Questions
* Describe how Robin Hood developed his initial strategy for competing with the Sheriff of Nottingham and discuss how he implemented it. Critique this approach.

* Identify organizational characteristics and environmental characteristics that would lead you to think Robin Hood is wise to be considering a change in strategy as he enters his campaigns second year?

* Assume that Robin Hood has...
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