Assignment 1 - Unit 8

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Assignment 1 - Unit 8
Task 1 - P1
There are a number of technologies required for an e-commerce system. For a company to have successful e-commerce business it is important for the technical staff to know the technologies required for an e-commerce system. E-commerce is the sale of goods over the internet; it had become very popular with business selling to customers or business selling to other business or people selling to other people directly through set up sites such as amazon. Some of the things you can buy through e-commerce are physical goods such as clothing, digital goods such as video or photograph, services such as access to paid web content, entertainment such as buying concert tickets, and holidays and hotels can be booked entirely online. Some ecommerce is entirely electronic from start to finish such as video tracks, however other things through ecommerce such as clothing begins with an electronic system but then ends with the physical item in the customers hand. Hardware and Software:

Around The Clock will need several hardware and software equipment in order to set up their e-commerce system, these include the following: Web Server:
A web server is something which supplies a web page. Any type of computer can become a web server, firstly you would have to install server software and then connect the machine to the internet. Once this is complete you can type in any URL to the web browser and it doesn’t matter where in the world the web page is located you will still be able to access it because you have a web server and the page is on the web, this is why Around the Clock will need a web server so that they can get a wider range of customers, and therefore more profits. A URL is a formatted sting of text used by web browsers, emails and other software to identify an internet web page, other text documents, graphics or programs. Browsers:

A browser is a piece of software on the internet that is used for retrieving...
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