Assignment 1 – Introduction to Leadership, Leading a Team Effectively and Motivating to Perform in the Workplace

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 5 (2042 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Assignment 1 – Introduction to leadership, leading a team effectively and motivating to perform in the workplace Introduction to Leadership
There are differences and similarities between management and leadership and there is a need for each of them. A manager can be seen as more of a ‘teller’, someone who will instruct a team what to do, react to change, plan and coordinate. Leaders can be seen as ‘persuaders’, someone who will take responsibility, encourage discussion and input, inspire and motivate the team, encourage staff to create change. Different factors will contribute to the need for all of these styles to be used. If a quick decision is needed then perhaps an instruction will be necessary which will be the style of a manager, if new ideas are needed then collaboration between the whole group would be encouraged which would be the style of a leader. If a leader can be skilled in selecting the appropriate style then this will have a positive effect on individuals and group as the individuals and group will trust and respect the leader to make the best decisions and develop them. There are many theories on leadership styles; the Trait theory is one that successful leaders will display certain traits. A core set of traits has been identified, and people who possess these traits have the potential to be a leader. The traits are: achievement drive, leadership motivation, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability, knowledge of business, emotional maturity, charisma, creativity and flexibility. Another theory is the Democratic theory that all decisions should be discussed amongst the team and the leader has the final decision; this can work well in a team environment but can hinder quick decisions as agreement should be reached. Another theory is The Great Man theory which looks at the fact great leaders are born. This theory states that these leaders such as Caesar, Elizabeth I and Lincoln possess abilities different to other humans. Although this theory can be likened to the Trait theory in the respect these people possessed certain attributes which made them great leaders. This combined with strong desire to succeed, determination and a clear goal can produce a ‘Great Man’. I believe a mixture of the Democratic and Trait theories work for me in my role. The reason being is that there can be emergency situations in my work which require decisive action to be taken meaning I need to direct my team to ensure the issue is resolved as soon as possible. Other situations involve an element of problem solving in which a collaborative approach is best, therefore using the democratic leadership style will bring out the skills and knowledge of the entire team to come up with the best solution. By ensuring I understand the more appropriate form of leadership suited to a task and applying my knowledge and skills this ensures my team have confidence in my ability and creates an open and honest working environment, where my team will come and discuss any issues they may have. Leading a team effectively

The team I lead has a common sense of purpose which is to provide planned and reactive maintenance to the GMP areas whilst building and maintaining a good relationship with the client. The reason this is important is to ensure the team are working together to achieve the same goal and not working against each other. This directly supports the overall vision of Emcor as we are supplying a service to the client. If my team are building and maintaining good relationships with the client this creates an environment of trust which is important in discussions with the client to agree works to be carried out and if schedules need to change. Overall a company needs to have clear direction or vision so its employees understand what is expected of them and what the common goal is. This way success can be measured by all in the company, so if my team complete the planned and reactive tasks and the client is happy with...
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